Love If You Need It (Mousse T.’s Classic Shizzle) – Horse Meat Disco (ft. Fi McCluskey)

Disco is back, baby! And it’s due to the help and musical influence of London Based DJ/producers Horse Meat Disco who have also been a pillar in Queer and Club culture. 

We would be wrong if we didn’t also discuss Mousse T’s influence on disco and house music over the past 30 years. From “Horny to “Don’t Call me Baby”, Mousse T has been making some of our favorite dance music to play at our silent discos. This remix has the classic funky Mousse T baseline with the groovy and euphoric vocals of “Li Mccluskey” to create the perfect feel dance floor classic.

Where To Listen: At a Disco, Bike Ride, Wedding 

Vibe: Nostalgic, Sensual, Groovy

Genre: Nu Disco House

Check out some of our other favorites from Mousse T. below like “Horny” & “So Hooked On Your Lovin.”

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