Tainted Love (Jamie Jones 4Z Remix) – Soft Cell

In the early 80’s, synth pop and new wave were all the rage, especially in areas like London, Los Angeles and, New York. Songs like Tainted Love by Soft Cell left a huge imprint on the music and culture we have today. This new remix by the legendary London DJ/producer Jamie Jones will be sure to catch the ear of any music lover, and even … Continue reading Tainted Love (Jamie Jones 4Z Remix) – Soft Cell

Zhudio54 (J. Worra Remix) – Zhu

Big time producer and DJ, Zhu, released the original “Zhudio54” as an early-released single from his latest album that dropped on the last day of 2021. The original is an awesome tune, with a subdued clubby vibe and a sassy vocal bringing in some of the vibes we’ve all heard about from the legendary Studio 54. Tech house producer J. Worra took the original and … Continue reading Zhudio54 (J. Worra Remix) – Zhu

In Da Getto (Chris Lorenzo Remix) – J Balvin & Skrillex

We all know and love the collaboration baby of Skrillex and J Balvin, “In Da Getto,” and the remixes that followed. This one is a long-awaited tech house remix by the British DJ/Producer Chris Lorenzo, legend in the world of high-energy club tunes. With a punching beat and perfectly placed vocal chops from the original track, this one is the clubby version that needed to … Continue reading In Da Getto (Chris Lorenzo Remix) – J Balvin & Skrillex

L.O.V.E. – Blue Hawaii

Starting their musical journey in Montreal, indie electronic funk duo, Blue Hawaii, have continued to release awesome tracks over the last decade. Their newest song, “L.O.V.E.,” is a funky and chill track that will make you feel good inside. The beat, bass line, and vocals are reminiscent of classic funk tracks, and the additional sounds add some more depth to the song. This track sounds … Continue reading L.O.V.E. – Blue Hawaii

Check Out – J. Worra & Leo Stannard

Los Angeles-based DJ and producer, J. Worra, has had a meteoric year releasing some incredible tracks and showing up on festival lineups all around the world. On her latest original single, “Check Out,” the house and techno star teamed up with singer/songwriter, Leo Stannard, who you may recognize from the KC Lights song “Cold Light,” from earlier this year. The new song has a funky, … Continue reading Check Out – J. Worra & Leo Stannard

So Fine (Franc Moody Remix) – Pat Lok & Party Pupils

London duo Franc Moody’s remix of “So Fine” is as catchy as it is sexy. From the start of the song, you will already be singing along to the simple yet fun lyrics of this track. This is the type of song to bring couples together or create new ones on the dance floor with its seductive nature. This song is undoubtedly a club banger … Continue reading So Fine (Franc Moody Remix) – Pat Lok & Party Pupils

Straight Up Relaxin’ – Yung Bae (ft. Cosmo’s Midnight)

The Yungest of Baes, Yung Bae, continues to make funky, colorful disco tunes with a sound that is uniquely identifiable. On his newest track, “Straight Up Relaxin’,” Yung Bae teams up with Australian twin duo, Cosmo’s Midnight, for a groovy track that harkens back to summertime living. With a bouncing bassline and Cosmo’s laid-back vocals, this song is perfect for a bike ride or walk. … Continue reading Straight Up Relaxin’ – Yung Bae (ft. Cosmo’s Midnight)

Make Me One – Poolside, Body Music, & Bosq (ft. Xavier Smith)

If you enjoy chill and vibey summertime-feeling music, then you’ve probably already binged all of Poolside’s 4 albums. Based in Los Angeles, the producer has mastered the light yet danceable sound that is perfect for a day out in the sun by the beach or pool. “Make Me One” carries a taste of funk with some really fun instrumentals and an ultra summery guitar. With … Continue reading Make Me One – Poolside, Body Music, & Bosq (ft. Xavier Smith)

My Humps – Joshwa & Lee Foss

For today’s post we are highlighting two of the current hottest House Dj/Producers Joshwa and Lee Foss. There is no way around it, this remix of the Black Eyed Peas “My Humps” is as catchy and fun as we could have ever imagined a house remix of the classic tune to be. From start to finish it carries a punching tech house beat while bringing … Continue reading My Humps – Joshwa & Lee Foss

Human – John Summit (ft. Echoes)

Tech house rising legend, John Summit, has come to dominate the world of house music with his dance-floor ready tracks and remixes that have been played by DJs all over the world. On his newest song, “Human,” John Summit teams up with UK progressive rock band, Echoes, to craft his finest work yet. This track has a solid tech house beat along with some awesome … Continue reading Human – John Summit (ft. Echoes)