Get Yo Self – Hatiras

Toronto native and Spacedisco Records owner, Hatiras, has been producing dance-floor ready tracks for a long time now. His newest track, “Get Yo Self,” which is released on Spacedisco, is a funky, groovin’ house tune that will get your body moving. With a soulful vocal and a jackin’ beat, Hatiras’ new song is sure to be flung out on the dance-floor for time to come. … Continue reading Get Yo Self – Hatiras

Persuade You – Kraak & Smaak

Dutch production trio, Kraak & Smaak, have been crafting funky dance tracks for a while now, and they just continue to get better. On their new track, “Persuade You,” the trio creates a classic vibe with nostalgic singing and groovy horns. This songs soulful vocals will transport you to an earlier time and drift you into a dream. This track is perfect for a long … Continue reading Persuade You – Kraak & Smaak

There Must Be a Song Like You – Helado Negro

Ecuadorian and Florida native, Helado Negro, is one of Roberto Carlos Lange’s many projects that is expertly crafted and a delight to the ears. Helado Negro’s newest album Far In is an amazing collection of songs that seamlessly blend jazz, folk, electronic, and Latin sounds. One of our favorite songs from the album, “There Must Be a Song Like You,” is a laid back track … Continue reading There Must Be a Song Like You – Helado Negro

Under The Sun – Cuco

Los Angeles native, Cuco, has made a name for himself with his musical prowess and incorporation of traditional Mexican sounds. On his newest song, “Under The Sun,” Cuco crafts a trippy musical journey that includes vibed out synths, rocking guitars, and awesome floating vocals. When the latin beat drops in half way through, it gives this song an extra layer of character that tickles the … Continue reading Under The Sun – Cuco

Midnight Visions – Coeo

German production duo, Coeo, have been pumping out funky, disco house songs over the last many years, and they continue to release catchy dance tunes that you won’t be able to get out of your head. On their newest track, “Midnight Visions,” Coeo craft their signature sound with a funky bassline, drum beat, and some 80s’ sounding synths. The steel drum adds an extra layer … Continue reading Midnight Visions – Coeo

Just Piano EP – FKJ

Since FKJ debuted his masterpiece of an album “French Kiwi Juice,” we have been enamored by his insane ability to play almost any instrument so beautifully that it transcends genres. In this album he is simply doing what he does best and that is playing piano. For his partnership with meditation app, Calm, FKJ seems to put effortless thought into every key of this musical journey. … Continue reading Just Piano EP – FKJ

Disco Odyssey – The Magician

If there’s one thing that Stephen Fasano aka The Magician does incredibly well, it’s putting his funky disco spin on already awesome songs. On his newest release, “Disco Odyssey (Adagio, Piano Sonata No. 14, “Moonlight”)[Beethoven Remixed],” The Magician takes on some classic Beethoven. You will definitely recognize the Sonata, but the Aeroplane co-founder turns the classical piano tune into a dreamy, funked up dance track. … Continue reading Disco Odyssey – The Magician

Yeti Season – El Michels Affair

If you haven’t yet heard of El Michels Affair, then you’re in for a treat. Leon Michels is the founder, producer, performer and even record label owner of El Michels Affair. For the past 20 years, Leon has collaborated with a plethora of talented artists and producers to make quality soulful and funky music that has a global sound. Yeti Season is a healthy mix … Continue reading Yeti Season – El Michels Affair

The Chocolate Conquistadors – BADBADNOTGOOD & MF DOOM

Due to the recent tragic news of legendary rapper/producer MF Doom’s passing, this may very well be the last MF Doom song we get. This track was handpicked for the soundtrack of the new Cayo Perico Heist update of GTA online.  MF Doom and BADBADNOTGOOD have previously collaborated on a great track called “Ray Gun” from BADBADNOTGOOD’s project Sour Soul.  The pace of this song … Continue reading The Chocolate Conquistadors – BADBADNOTGOOD & MF DOOM

The Power of the One – Bootsy Collins

With his funky bass playing and colorful persona, Bootsy Collins once again delivers us a soulful, funk-filled track featuring some jazzy guitar riffs and vocal harmonies. Bootsy has been a staple in funk music since the ’60s playing with other funk legends like George Clinton, James Brown, and many more. He continues to release music on a pretty consistent basis including recent tracks with Kali … Continue reading The Power of the One – Bootsy Collins