Straight Up Relaxin’ – Yung Bae (ft. Cosmo’s Midnight)

The Yungest of Baes, Yung Bae, continues to make funky, colorful disco tunes with a sound that is uniquely identifiable. On his newest track, “Straight Up Relaxin’,” Yung Bae teams up with Australian twin duo, Cosmo’s Midnight, for a groovy track that harkens back to summertime living. With a bouncing bassline and Cosmo’s laid-back vocals, this song is perfect for a bike ride or walk. … Continue reading Straight Up Relaxin’ – Yung Bae (ft. Cosmo’s Midnight)

Persuade You – Kraak & Smaak

Dutch production trio, Kraak & Smaak, have been crafting funky dance tracks for a while now, and they just continue to get better. On their new track, “Persuade You,” the trio creates a classic vibe with nostalgic singing and groovy horns. This songs soulful vocals will transport you to an earlier time and drift you into a dream. This track is perfect for a long … Continue reading Persuade You – Kraak & Smaak

Tjomme – José González

Swiss-born Argentine musician José González has recently blessed the world with yet another South-American leaning lullaby, “Tjomme.” This one is on the chiller side of things, but it is every bit raw and intimate, and really feels good as you lean farther into the track throughout its duration. If this unique vibe of song catches you, we highly suggest checking out more of José González … Continue reading Tjomme – José González

december – Keli Holiday

The blossoming side project from Adam Hyde known as Keli Holiday continues to shine as the solo artist releases song after song of outstanding music. As one half of massive Australian electronic duo, Peking Duk, Keli Holiday veers away from electronic music and moves closer to heavy indie rock while still incorporating some electronic sounds and synths. His new single, “december,” is a fun, emotional … Continue reading december – Keli Holiday

There Must Be a Song Like You – Helado Negro

Ecuadorian and Florida native, Helado Negro, is one of Roberto Carlos Lange’s many projects that is expertly crafted and a delight to the ears. Helado Negro’s newest album Far In is an amazing collection of songs that seamlessly blend jazz, folk, electronic, and Latin sounds. One of our favorite songs from the album, “There Must Be a Song Like You,” is a laid back track … Continue reading There Must Be a Song Like You – Helado Negro

Under The Sun – Cuco

Los Angeles native, Cuco, has made a name for himself with his musical prowess and incorporation of traditional Mexican sounds. On his newest song, “Under The Sun,” Cuco crafts a trippy musical journey that includes vibed out synths, rocking guitars, and awesome floating vocals. When the latin beat drops in half way through, it gives this song an extra layer of character that tickles the … Continue reading Under The Sun – Cuco

Comingback – Parcels

5-person funk rock band Parcels is back with another single from their newest project which also gave us the awesome single “Free,” a few weeks ago. Parcels, whose members originate from Byron Bay and Berlin, have an incredible skill of creating funky, unique instrumentation that feels like jazz, but still gets caught in your head like a pop song. On the new single, “Comingback,” Parcels … Continue reading Comingback – Parcels

Stay High – Childish Gambino & Brittany Howard

Childish Gambino is back baby, well at least for one song. On “Stay High,” the legendary singer/rapper covers Alabama Shakes front-woman Brittany Howard’s hit track from her most recent album Jaime. With his unique and beautiful vocals, Childish Gambino puts his commonly known twist on the song as a part of Brittany Howard’s upcoming cover album, Jaime Reimagined. The bass, beat, and bells, give this … Continue reading Stay High – Childish Gambino & Brittany Howard

Get Down – Still Woozy

Still Woozy has a wild ability to breath the perfect vibes into all of his tracks. On his new track, “Get Down,” the Bay Area native creates another wonderful track with his signature vocals, laid back beats, and groovy bass & guitar playing. Still Woozy’s vocal harmonies are on point and give this song an added depth. As a fast rising star, Still Woozy continues … Continue reading Get Down – Still Woozy