Tired of Waiting – Franc Moody

Electronic funk group Franc Moody has been blending disco, funk, soul, and house for a while now crafting awesome tracks that are made to get you dancing.

On their new track, “Tired of Waiting,” the group brings their signature sound with a funky bass line, upbeat drum beat, and some wild and wacky disco sounds. This song will put a little pep in your step as the singer takes you on a funkified journey through the world of Franc Moody.

Toss this on when you’re on your next walk or bike ride and feel the groove wash over you. Keep an eye out for more from the group coming soon!

Where to Listen: In the Car, Dancing with Friends, Bike Ride

Vibe: Fun, Groovy, Bouncing

Genre: Electronic Funk

If you enjoyed that track, check out some of Franc Moody’s other awesome tracks below like “Dance Moves” & “Losing Touch.”

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