Witchoo – Durand Jones & The Indications

We couldn’t be any happier that we have another collab album with the ever so cool and funky retro soul group, Durand Jones & The Indications. Every song has a different flavor to it, but the one that stuck out to us is “Witchoo.” For us it made us reminisce about our past and present lovers, and the nice moments spent with them. This song … Continue reading Witchoo – Durand Jones & The Indications

There Must Be a Song Like You – Helado Negro

Ecuadorian and Florida native, Helado Negro, is one of Roberto Carlos Lange’s many projects that is expertly crafted and a delight to the ears. Helado Negro’s newest album Far In is an amazing collection of songs that seamlessly blend jazz, folk, electronic, and Latin sounds. One of our favorite songs from the album, “There Must Be a Song Like You,” is a laid back track … Continue reading There Must Be a Song Like You – Helado Negro

yoga – bbno$ (ft. Rebecca Black)

Canadian rapper, singer, & songwriter, bbno$ has released his newest album eat ya veggies and it is funky. One of our favorite songs from the album, “yoga,” features rapper Rebecca Black who went viral for her 2011 song “Friday.” lol The new track has a funky beat and bass line along with some light keys. This song has a vibe that will definitely make you … Continue reading yoga – bbno$ (ft. Rebecca Black)

Just Piano EP – FKJ

Since FKJ debuted his masterpiece of an album “French Kiwi Juice,” we have been enamored by his insane ability to play almost any instrument so beautifully that it transcends genres. In this album he is simply doing what he does best and that is playing piano. For his partnership with meditation app, Calm, FKJ seems to put effortless thought into every key of this musical journey. … Continue reading Just Piano EP – FKJ

Perfect – Bowtye & Insightful

Singer/musician, Bowtye, and the incredible producer/human being Insightful have teamed up for an EP which blends their musical skills together seamlessly. Our favorite track from the 5-song EP, “Perfect,” is a funky, feel-good track that incorporates dreamy, reverbed out synths, amazing vocals, and production that could stand up to the best. This song blends funk, R&B, and electronic music to make something really unique. The … Continue reading Perfect – Bowtye & Insightful

Stay High – Childish Gambino & Brittany Howard

Childish Gambino is back baby, well at least for one song. On “Stay High,” the legendary singer/rapper covers Alabama Shakes front-woman Brittany Howard’s hit track from her most recent album Jaime. With his unique and beautiful vocals, Childish Gambino puts his commonly known twist on the song as a part of Brittany Howard’s upcoming cover album, Jaime Reimagined. The bass, beat, and bells, give this … Continue reading Stay High – Childish Gambino & Brittany Howard

Funny – Benét (ft. Childish Major)

Richmond, Virginia based artist Benét released their first single last year titled “Funny.” Recently, however, they released a newer version featuring the ever-so-talented Childish Major. As a Black trans non-binary artist, Benét has a unique perspective that is boosted by their childhood growing up in a musically inclined family. On their track, “Funny,” Benét utilizes their soothing voice over some dreamy synths and a bouncing … Continue reading Funny – Benét (ft. Childish Major)

Busy – Oscar Welsh

Oscar Welsh is quickly growing as an artist while retaining his unique and memorable sound that we have come to love. On his newest track, “Busy,” Oscar brings in his laid back guitar stylings to go along with some fun synths that are reminiscent of Kaytranada and SG Lewis. His clever lyrics and vocal movements keep this song moving along nicely and keeps the listeners … Continue reading Busy – Oscar Welsh

Julie. – Gallant

Gallant has been blowing us away with his incredible voice and impressive songwriting skills for many years now, but has truly solidified his legendary status on his new album Neptune. Although the album is only 8 tracks, they are all beautiful songs that deserve many listens. Our personal favorite from the album (although close with “Dynamite.”), “Julie.,” is a sensual, catchy track that puts Gallant’s … Continue reading Julie. – Gallant