Julie. – Gallant

Gallant has been blowing us away with his incredible voice and impressive songwriting skills for many years now, but has truly solidified his legendary status on his new album Neptune.

Although the album is only 8 tracks, they are all beautiful songs that deserve many listens. Our personal favorite from the album (although close with “Dynamite.”), “Julie.,” is a sensual, catchy track that puts Gallant’s amazing R&B crooning skills on blast.

Defintiely keep an eye out for Gallant as shows and festivals begin to pop back up as he does an incredible live show. Give “Julie.” a listen below and make sure to listen to the rest of his third album.

Where to Listen: In the Car, Relaxing at Home, On a Walk

Vibe: Sensual, Loving, Laid Back

Genre: R&B

Check out some of our other favorites from his newest album (plus the full album) below including “Dynamite. (ft. Brandy)” & “Chemical Romance.”

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