Sanctuary – CAPYAC, Annabelle Maginnis, & Slim Jeff

Funk rock group CAPYAC brings us yet another awesome track as they continue to build their reputation as top tier artists.

On “Sanctuary,” they create a vibey funk hip-hop beat that pairs perfectly with the rap stylings of up-and-coming rap artist Slim Jeff and the soothing vocals of Annabelle Maginnis. The song has some funked out guitar riffing and a pounding beat that makes this track danceable and easy to chill to at the same time.

Give this track a listen and pop it on the next time you’re sitting in traffic or hanging with your friends. We can’t wait to keep listening to CAPYAC’s unique sound!

Where to Listen: In the Car, Dancing with Friends, At the Beach

Vibe: Funky, Positive, Groovy

Genre: Funk/Hip Hop

If you liked this new track, check out some of our other favorites from CAPYAC like “Best Friend,” & their cover of “Lady (Hear Me Tonight).”

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