IP’s New Music Friday – April 2nd, 2021

Welcome to another fun week of Infinite Purple’s New Music Friday recap where we listen through this week’s released tracks to bring you the songs that stand out!

Read all the way through or make your way to the bottom for the full Spotify playlist of our Friday discoveries.

Can’t Let You Go – Terrace Martin (ft. Nick Grant)
Los Angeles raised golden child, Terrace Martin, is back with a jazzy new track featuring the amazing lyricist Nick Grant. The new song, “Can’t Let You Go,” is laid back and vibed out as the pounding beats move the vocals along. We love Terrace Martin and get excited every time he releases something new.

You Ain’t Love – The Shapeshifters (ft. Teni Tinks)
The Shapeshifters have been pumping out high quality, dancefloor ready disco tracks since the early 2000s and they are back with another awesome track. On “You Ain’t Love,” they bring their fun, pumping disco sound back into action featuring the beautiful voice of Teni Tinks. This track is perfect for your next dance party.

Awake – Chiiild (ft. Mahalia)
New age soul artist Chiiild brings us a sexy, grooving new song featuring alt R&B/soul artist Mahalia. The song features some beautiful vocal harmonies and a laid back beat making it the perfect track to kick back and relax to.

Woah Man – Dayglow
21 year old indie rock up and comer is back with a new track “Woah Man.” On it, he brings his laid back indie vibe that feels like its from a 90s teen rom com. His warm vocals and sweet guitar playing make this a perfect song for a relaxing day laying out in the sun.

Nextra – deadmau5
deadmau5 has released another new track after a slew of releases this year and last. The new track titled “Nextra,” is funky and pumping with that signature deadmau5 sound. It brings in some unique synths with a bouncing bassline that makes it a perfect track for working out or going on a run.

Hear My Voice (Live From Abbey Road) – Celeste
Celeste has been blowing our minds with her soulful and beautiful voice as she blasts onto the R&B music scene as a standout new artist. Here, Celeste does a rendition of her song “Hear My Voice” from her recent album Not Your Muse. It is a beautiful live version that everyone should listen to.

2-Track Single The Melting Of The Sun – St. Vincent
St. Vincent aka Annie Clark has consistently put her mark on modern music with her unique sound and presence. On her new release, St. Vincent brings her powerful songwriting skills to the table for some awesome new songs. Check them out and let her sounds wash over you.

Remix Album Polydans Remixes – Roosevelt
After the release of Roosevelt’s incredible new album, Polydans, we were so very excited to see a slew of remixes of some of the top tracks from the album. On it, we get remixes from some awesome artists like Perel, Alex Metric, and Gerd Janson. These are definitely a welcome gift to add into our musical repertoire.

EP Look Around – Trousdale
Powerful female trio, Trousdale, is all about empowering young women and creating songs that will connect with their audience. With their first non-single release, the trio nails their unique sound that induces the sounds of other female artists in their genre like Haim. We were super impressed by this EP and can’t wait for what’s to come from them.

And some more tracks that stood out this week:

For the full IP’s NMF playlist including many additional songs not featured above, check the playlist below:

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