Walk That Walk – Bakermat & Nic Hanson

Dutch producer and DJ, Bakermat, whips up some of the coolest electronic sounds out there, always featuring elements of jazz and soul into his house-centered releases. 

In this 2021 collaboration with NYC-based singer/songwriter Nic Hanson, Bakermat weaves together a more chill dance track that is overflowing with all elements that tend to catch our attention. 

This one comes in with a nice beat and funky bass guitar as well as a vocal that is just simply sexy. After its initial build, it breaks down into and ultra fun and swinging sax riff that feels like absolute ear candy!

Where to Listen: At the Beach, Chilling with Friends, Making Dinner

Vibe: Funky, Chill, Sexy

Genre: Funk Dance

If you loved this one, look below for some of the tracks that put Bakermat on the map, such as “Baianá” and “Baby” below!

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