Yeti Season – El Michels Affair

If you haven’t yet heard of El Michels Affair, then you’re in for a treat. Leon Michels is the founder, producer, performer and even record label owner of El Michels Affair.

For the past 20 years, Leon has collaborated with a plethora of talented artists and producers to make quality soulful and funky music that has a global sound.

Yeti Season is a healthy mix of different genres and sounds that make the LP very easy to listen to in most settings. Some of our favorite tracks from the album are “Sha Na Na (ft. The Shacks),” “Dhuaan (ft. Piya Malik),” & “Murkit Gem (ft. Piya Malik).”

Where to Listen: On a Bike Ride, At the Beach, Hanging with Friends

Vibe: Dreamy, Soothing, Funky

Genre: Funk Soul

If you like the new album, we suggest you check out his tribute albums to Wu-Tang “Enter the 37th Chamber” and “Return to the 37th Chamber” below.

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