IP’s New Music Friday – April 22nd, 2022

Welcome to another week of Infinite Purple’s New Music Friday recap where we listen through this week’s released tracks to bring you the songs that stand out!

Read all the way through or make your way to the bottom for the full Spotify playlist of our Friday discoveries.

The Weeknd- Out of Time (Kaytranada Remix)
Hard to think the original couldn’t get much better but with a Kaytranada edit, anything is possible. Kaytranada has the ability to promote the artist’s vocals with his beats like no other producer in the game right now. If you enjoyed The Weeknd’s Coachella set, than you’ll love this one.

Play with You – Redondo &LION BABE & Busta Rhymes – Harder (Shermanology Remix) Funkerman
If you have been paying attention to the rise of house music, you’ll notice that hip-hop, soul, and funk have been heavily influential in making house and techno more mainstream again. DJ and producers like Shermanology and Disclosure have been able to bridge the gap by remixing with popular mainstream artists and making quality dance music that is more approachable for your average listener.

HoneyLuvThr33 6ix 5ive

House DJ and producer HoneyLuv is on the rise with some super hot dance tunes such as “Your Tongue” and now her awaited release of “Thr33 6ix 5ive,” released on Chris Lake’s Black Book Records. This one is playful and fun while definitely being a club-ready and high energy house track.

Megan Thee Stallion – Plan B

Megan The Stallion is at the top of the rap world right now and there is no way around it. “Plan B” is catchy with a really nice groove that you won’t be able to resist bobbing your head to!

Nora En Pure – Us
Nora is killing it right now with her deep house/melodic techno sound reaching more and more ears and gaining overall popularity with each release. “Us” is in true Nora En Pure fashion, danceable, melodic, and deep. It has a nice vocal-forward vibe too that we’ve only gotten to enjoy with a handful of Nora’s releases.

And some more tracks that stood out this week:

For the full IP’s NMF playlist including many additional songs not featured above, check the playlist below:





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