In My Arms – Disclosure

British DJ/Producer duo Disclosure has been not only one of our favorite artists to date, but one of the most globally popular artists out there as well. These guys are not only huge in the world of dance music and house, but they have also carved out their own place in the mainstream with chart-topping pop hits and other collaborations with various big name artists.

“In My Arms” follows in the footsteps of their latest album Energy with an ultra fun beat featuring raw instrumentations and playfully busy drums. Not only does this one check all boxes of what we like to hear from the duo, but they also brought in their classic washed out Disclosure-style vocal that is as soothing as it gets.

If you enjoyed this one and Disclosure is a new name to you, check out the rest of their tunes and get ready for a fun ride because these guys are legends!

Where to Listen: Dance Party, On a Drive, Working Out

Vibe: Worldly, Unique, Hypnotic 

Genre: House

If you haven’t heard Disclosure’s 2020 album, Energy, make sure to check out some of our favorites, “Tondo,” & “Lavender (ft. Channel Tres),” below.

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