Just Piano EP – FKJ

Since FKJ debuted his masterpiece of an album “French Kiwi Juice,” we have been enamored by his insane ability to play almost any instrument so beautifully that it transcends genres.

In this album he is simply doing what he does best and that is playing piano. For his partnership with meditation app, Calm, FKJ seems to put effortless thought into every key of this musical journey. This is great EP if you’re looking to relax or unwind, and it will definitely put you in more calm and serene mood after every listen.

If you enjoyed this EP, we suggest you check out his Cercle video and his live studio jams with Tom Misch and Masego

Where to Listen: Before Bed, Relaxing, Meditating 

Vibe: Calming, Happy, Melodic 

Genre: Jazz Piano

Check out some of our favorites from the Just Piano EP, “Last Hour – Just Piano Version,” & “Anthem – Just Piano Version,” below.

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