IP’s New Music Friday – April 9th, 2021

Welcome to another awesome week of Infinite Purple’s New Music Friday recap where we listen through this week’s released tracks to bring you the songs that stand out!

Read all the way through or make your way to the bottom for the full Spotify playlist of our Friday discoveries.

Waves of Blue – Majid Jordan
Visionary R&B duo, Majid Jordan, is back with their first track of the year (and since 2019) and we are absolutely hear for it. On “Waves of Blue,” we get another taste of that wonderful Majid Jordan sound that we’ve grown to love. With a vibed out beat, dreamy synths, and those always tasty vocals, this track will definitely be on repeat all summer. Can’t wait for more to come from the duo!

Kiss Me More – Doja Cat (ft. SZA)
Two of today’s top pop R&B artists team up here for a track that hits perfectly and puts both talents on display. Pop singer Doja Cat has a knack for creating fun and funky songs that are super catchy. She teams up with one of our favorite artists, SZA, to create a sexy track that’s quite the vibe.

Joy 2 the World – Gilligan Moss
Up and coming duo, Gilligan Moss, has released their self-titled new album (featured below) and it is amazing. One of our favorite new tracks from it is “Joy 2 the World,” which is a funky, but relaxed song that is guaranteed to bring you some joy. The pair utilize live and electronic sounds to craft a sonic world in their music that we’d love to live in.

Palms – Gus Dapperton (ft. Channel Tres)
We’re quite familiar with the LA native producer/DJ/vocalist Channel Tres, but Gus Dapperton is a fairly new name for us. Gus recently released a new in 2020 album titled Orca and decided to bring Channel Tres on to do another version of Palms.

Miss You – Kevin McKay, Alex Gewer, & Tasty Lopez
Kevin McKay, Alex Gewer and Tasty Lopez come together for a tune that takes inspiration from the 70’s as well as from the more modern sound of funky house. This one takes the forever-memorable “Miss You” by The Rolling Stones and puts a twist on it that could not be more fun and groovy!

Nobody But You – Sonder (ft. Jorja Smith)
Sonder is an amazing trio made up of producers Atu & Dpat, and singer Brent Faiyaz. They really know how to pull the heart strings and this track is boosted by the addition of incredible singer/songwriter Jorja Smith. This track has some sensual acoustic guitar and is elevated by the singing skills of Brent and Jorja.

For A Fool (Claptone Remix) – Storm Queen
If you keep up with Claptone, you know as well as we do that this guy knows how to whip up a funky house track that is guaranteed to make people want to dance. As a remix of Storm Queen’s “For A Fool” this one is definitely more vocal-forward than some of Claptone’s hits, but it is every bit as funky and danceable as they come!

X Moves – DMX, Bootsy Collins, & Steve Howe (ft. Ian Paice)
For those that have been living under a rock the past 25 years, Earl Simmons know by his stage DMX (Dark Man X) was a well known rapper that brought an exuberant amount energy and lyrical flavor to the  microphone. DMX unfortunately had been struggling with addiction and passed away today from a drug overdose. We’re grateful for his contribution Hip-Hop/Rap and hope you guys enjoy this track released today with the Funk master Bootsy Collins.

Album Gilligan Moss – Gilligan Moss
Gilligan Moss is here with their self-titled debut album that follows up on a slew of incredible singles including “Special Thing” & “Ferris Wheel.” The duo is blasting onto the scene with their ability to make wonderfully digestible disco music that feels natural and fun. The album has a very diverse group of tracks that are guaranteed to make you smile. Some of our favorites include “World Service,” “Ultraparadíso,” & “Vibe Check.”

And some more tracks that stood out this week:

For the full IP’s NMF playlist including many additional songs not featured above, check the playlist below:

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