All I Need (DJ-Kicks) – Jayda G

“All I Need” was released on the same day that it was announced that Canadian producer Jayda G will be getting the nod to do the next DJ-Kicks, which is a 21-track curated mix of original and remixed electronic music under !K7’s series and will be released May 14th.

Jayda G often infuses her own soulful vocals with a dreamy disco/house baseline that is a perfect listen for outdoor spring break and summer listening.

The Music Video was directed by David Ehrenchreich, and has nostalgic footage of 90’s raves being held in the beautiful forests of British Columbia. 

Where to Listen: At the Beach, Hanging with Friends, On a Bike Ride

Vibe: Dreamy, Bubbly, Euphoric

Genre: Nu Disco House

If you enjoyed this track we highly suggest you check out some of Jayda G’s other incredible work like “Both of Us,” “Black Rain (Jayda G Remix),” & “Move to the Front (Disco Mix)” below.

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