Underwater (Dombresky Remix) – Anabel Englund & MK

MK and Anabel Englund’s original track, “Underwater,” is a melodic house track with a poppy vocal and some long and drawn out horn-sounding synths making it true to the more modern style of deep house that we hear today. 

As a French dance music legend, Dombresky put his touch on this track to make it a vibey and joyous summertime anthem perfect to dance to.

Dombresky is known for having a specific feel of house music, always putting out tracks that inspire dance and celebration with piano chord progressions and washed out synths. Some of Dombresky’s best tracks will go down in history and will be linked down below for you to listen!

Where to Listen: Dance Party, At the Beach, Working out

Vibe: Joyous, Summery, Upbeat

Genre: Dance House

If you enjoyed this remix, check out some of Dombresky’s best tracks below. Some of our favorites include “Soul Sacrifice” & “Trust the Process.”

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