Maybe It’s The Season – Pyro

Please tell your mama Merry Christmas from IP and our dear friend, Pyro.

Pyro has been crafting beautiful songs for many years now and has found a true voice and sound of his own. Originally hailing from California, he has grown an impressive knack for creating warm feelings through music which can be of extra use in his current home state Colorado.

On his latest track, “Maybe It’s The Season,” Pyro pairs his charming vocals and songwriting with a smooth, laid back RnB beat. This fun & unique take on Christmas songs is sure to make you feel warm during the magical season. Make sure to keep your ears peeled for more goodness to come from him.

Where to Listen: During the Holidays, Driving, Dinner Party

Vibe: Laid Back, Smooth, Nostalgic

Genre: Christmas RnB

Check out some of our other favorite Pyro tracks, “Good Feeling” & “Different,” below.

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