Club Future Nostalgia – Dua Lipa

There is no doubt that the world’s eyes have been on Dua Lipa since her abrupt rise into the worldwide music scene in 2018. “One Kiss” was all it took for her to catch our interest, and her latest remix album of her early 2020-released Future Nostalgia, called Club Future Nostalgia, definitely sealed the deal. 

Future Nostalgia was Dua Lipa’s second studio album and, similar to other modern artists, it features more of an electronic and funky sound while remaining in the world of pop. The remix album, however, satisfies our sweet tooth for dance music.

Including remixes from Dimitri From Paris, Horse Meat Disco, and Moodymann, it appears as though Dua Lipa is aiming her sights at a broader range of music-listeners, including those who have been long time fans of disco and house. 

Where to Listen: Dancing with friends, At the beach, On a drive

Vibe: Fun, Funky, Feel Good

Genre: Pop Funk

Some of our favorites are “Break My Heart / Cosmic Girl (Dimitri From Paris Edit),” “Love Again (Horse Meat Disco Remix), & “Break My Heart (Moodymann Remix),” but we’d suggest giving the entire album a listen through, as it has a wider range of sounds than you may expect!

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