Unite The World – BoomBox

“A little house, a little blues, a little funk, a little rock, and a whole lot of soul…” is the perfect description of Boombox!

“Unite the World” comes to us at a time of uncertainty in the world of music and beyond, just when we needed it. This track brings the funk and warm bass that we are used to from Boombox, with some soothing and chill indie-style vocals that make you want to kick your feet up and take it easy for the rest of the day.

The Colorado-based duo has been releasing a range of music, from vibey instrumentals to funky dancefloor hits since the early 2000’s catching the attention of millions including us. Turn up the BoomBox!

Where to Listen: At the Beach, Relaxing, Chilling with Friends

Vibe: Chill, Beachy, De-stressing

Genre: Indie Dance

Here are some of our other favorites from BoomBox over the years. Check out “Mr. Boogie Man,” “Stereo” and “India” below:

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