Other Side – Kaleida

Kaleida brings us a lucid dream of a song here with “Other Side,” the star track of their new album, Odyssey. You may remember Kaleida’s song “Think” from John Wick, but three years later they have released an awesome follow up record.

With syncopated beats and vocal effects, Kaleida crafts this ethereal track that will pair perfectly with an evening walk on the beach or a sunset drive.

Odyssey is a dark, well-crafted album created between two countries with one of the duo in the US and the other in the UK. They still delivered a stripped back musical journey not to be missed!

Where to Listen: Beach Sunset, Late Night Dance Party, In the Car

Vibe: Introspective, Ethereal, Minimalist

Genre: Electronic Pop

Some of our other favorites are “Feed Us Some,” “Odyssey, & “Long Noon.” Here’s the album in full below:

For some awesome dance visuals for their hit song, check out the official music video below:

Plus, for anyone who hasn’t already seen it here’s their song “Think” featured in John Wick:

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