Sanctuary – CAPYAC, Annabelle Maginnis, & Slim Jeff

Funk rock group CAPYAC brings us yet another awesome track as they continue to build their reputation as top tier artists. On “Sanctuary,” they create a vibey funk hip-hop beat that pairs perfectly with the rap stylings of up-and-coming rap artist Slim Jeff and the soothing vocals of Annabelle Maginnis. The song has some funked out guitar riffing and a pounding beat that makes this … Continue reading Sanctuary – CAPYAC, Annabelle Maginnis, & Slim Jeff

Addicted – Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith is a musical powerhouse in the R&B world and she has blessed us with a beautiful new track today. Her impeccable voice, style, and musical presence makes her standout as one of the best singers and artists of modern times. Jorja’s voice is beautiful and causes deep emotions for her listeners. In her newest track, “Addicted,” Jorja sings about how her lover should … Continue reading Addicted – Jorja Smith

Feeling Free – Two Another (ft. Pretty Boy Aaron)

With a vast array of influences from the many places they’ve called home, electronic duo Two Another releases tracks that are emotional, funky, and unique. While they currently split their time between Amsterdam and Stockholm, Two Another met in Australia at a music program run by another electronic duo, Bag Raiders. Their sound has grown tremendously since they began releasing music under the project in … Continue reading Feeling Free – Two Another (ft. Pretty Boy Aaron)

FOR YOU – Teni (ft. DaVido)

Nigerian singer/songwriter Teni has carved out her own unique sound while retaining the Afro pop vibes we’ve come to love from the thriving modern Nigerian music scene. After a slew of awesome releases, Teni found a wider audience in 2018 when her music started to take off globally. Ever since, she’s been pumping out incredible songs to the world that are guaranteed to get you … Continue reading FOR YOU – Teni (ft. DaVido)

Help – Jacob Schaner

Today we’re excited to share a fresh and new release from an LA-based up and comer on the scene, Jacob Schaner! “Help” is his first official release, and it is a beautifully raw and vulnerable track about the struggles of life and how hard it can be to pick ourselves up without a little bit of help.  Starting with a light piano and a nicely … Continue reading Help – Jacob Schaner

Mad – MAR1ASOL (ft. Ginga Soul)

Up and comers, MAR1ASOL and Ginga Soul, come together for an emotion-provoking and soulful tune called “Mad” and it is everything we could ask for in our first artist submission to the blog.  This tune has a tastefully simple beat and bass guitar, highlighting the vibe and message of the vocal. Both singers are beautiful vocalists, carrying an authentic vibe of struggle when expressing their … Continue reading Mad – MAR1ASOL (ft. Ginga Soul)

The Chocolate Conquistadors – BADBADNOTGOOD & MF DOOM

Due to the recent tragic news of legendary rapper/producer MF Doom’s passing, this may very well be the last MF Doom song we get. This track was handpicked for the soundtrack of the new Cayo Perico Heist update of GTA online.  MF Doom and BADBADNOTGOOD have previously collaborated on a great track called “Ray Gun” from BADBADNOTGOOD’s project Sour Soul.  The pace of this song … Continue reading The Chocolate Conquistadors – BADBADNOTGOOD & MF DOOM

unimpressed – Magsy

We are continually blown away by new artist, Magsy, who after two incredible track releases brings us a song that will make you feel deeply and reflect on life itself. Coming from a deeply personal place and time, Magsy allows his vulnerability to be truly experienced by the world on his new track “unimpressed,” using just his voice and light keyboard. It really is a … Continue reading unimpressed – Magsy

Before the Next Teardrop Falls – Al Green

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re pleased to announce that at the age of 74, Al Green has still got it. On “Before the Next Teardrop Falls,” Al invokes the same heavy heartfelt emotions with his unique yet comforting voice that we all know so well. He delivers a soulful cover of Freddy Fender’s 70s hit that is as smooth as butter from the horns down to … Continue reading Before the Next Teardrop Falls – Al Green

Maybe It’s The Season – Pyro

Please tell your mama Merry Christmas from IP and our dear friend, Pyro. Pyro has been crafting beautiful songs for many years now and has found a true voice and sound of his own. Originally hailing from California, he has grown an impressive knack for creating warm feelings through music which can be of extra use in his current home state Colorado. On his latest … Continue reading Maybe It’s The Season – Pyro