IP’s New Music Friday – April 8th, 2022

Welcome to a pumpin’ week of Infinite Purple’s New Music Friday recap where we listen through this week’s released tracks to bring you the songs that stand out!

Read all the way through or make your way to the bottom for the full Spotify playlist of our Friday discoveries.

Happy Music – Supershy (Tom Misch)
We have been blessed by the ever-talented Tom Misch as he explores his love of electronic music. Dawning a new name, Supershy, for the project, Tom leans into his production and musical skills to craft a disco forward dance track that has the same high quality as Tom’s other work. With a funky bass line, pumping beat, and sampled vocals, this is definitely a new side of Tom Misch that we are loving.

Greener – FKJ & Santana
Multi-instrumentalist FKJ and Santana come together for an absolutely lovely downtempo tune that combines the sounds of both artists beautifully. With Santana’s guitar strums and FKJ’s soft and soothing vocals, this one is greener than we could have anticipated.

Lights Go Down – Hayden James (ft. SIDEPIECE)
Australian artist, Hayden James, has teamed up with house party duo, SIDEPIECE, for a funky, upbeat house track that blends each of their sounds seamlessly. The bass line is that of a deep house banger while the vocals and dreamy synths keep this song grounded. This is definitely a good summer time, feel good track for your playlists.

LONDON – BIA (ft. J. Cole)
Rapper, BIA, who you may know from her popular song “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY,” is back with another song that’s bound to be a hit. Recruiting the legendary J. Cole, this track has a fiery beat with BIA’s fierce vocals that fit perfectly. J. Cole lends his skills to make this song one to remember.

Wasting Time – Matroda
Matroda has been around the house scene for a while now, with many of his past releases being in the realm of bass house and more of his recent releases having a more clubby tech house feel. “Wasting Time” is a super catchy club track with a rich and full bass as well as some fun and repetitive piano chords.

One Step Ahead – Jack Johnson
American singer/songwriter Jack Johnson has had an extremely lengthy career because of his memorable singalong tunes as well as his unmatched vocal skills and simply stunning voice that just makes you want to join in with yours. “One Step Ahead” contains the qualities that we love about many of Johnson’s classics: Smooth instrumentals, memorable lyrics, and a summery feel-good vibe. 

Pick Me Up – Kyle Watson
Kyle Watson is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to leaders in the house/techno scene at the moment with chart-topping releases such as “Magic Carpet” and “Late Night Phone Call” and with his name being added to more and more lineups around the globe. “Pick Me Up” is a hot and heavy house tune meant for a dance party or to pump up a workout.

FREE – John Legend
John Legend hands down has one of the most beautiful voices that our generation has been lucky enough to hear in the mainstream of music. “FREE” showcases his range with only some minimal piano to support it. Full of optimism and freedom, this is a really nice listen. 

Pra Nao Dizer – HUGEL & Jude & Frank
HUGEL is the man and there is no way around it. “Pra Nao Dizer” is like many of his chart-topping tunes such as “Morenita” in the sense of being a Latin feeling house tune but, this time, with a more melodic vibe. 

bb u ok? (LP Giobbi Remix) – San Holo
Self-proclaimed “one woman jam band” LP Giobbi has been on a swift rise to the forefront of the house music scene. The Austin-based piano house queen has remixed San Holo’s “bb u ok?” and it is an uber enjoyable track. With a funky bassline, a fast moving house-style beat, and some trumpet and piano features this one is destined to carry us through all of the sunny summer days to come. 

Album Broken Hearts Club – Syd
Skilled singer/songwriter, Syd, who you may know from The Internet & her time at Odd Future, has released her new album, Broken Hearts Club. Her ability to craft incredible songs continues on this album as she puts together an amazing musical journey. Some of our favorite tracks from it are “Out Loud,” “Right Track,” & “Missing Out.”

Album Volume II – Sad Night Dynamite
The amazing Sad Night Dynamite who immediately hooked us with their song “Krunk,” has released their follow up album titled Volume II. These guys have a really unique sound that is bound to blow up as they continue to release music. Some of our favorites from this album are “Look Alive,” “Psychedelic Views,” & “Tramp.”

And some more tracks that stood out this week:

For the full IP’s NMF playlist including many additional songs not featured above, check the playlist below:

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