IP’s New Music Friday – February 25th, 2022

Welcome to an awesome week of Infinite Purple’s New Music Friday recap where we listen through this week’s released tracks to bring you the songs that stand out!

Read all the way through or make your way to the bottom for the full Spotify playlist of our Friday discoveries.

The Loop – Toro y Moi
The Loop was a musical project that was produced and filmed by director Brendan Nakahara. The Loop is the third single released for the upcoming album Mahal, which is set to be released April 29th. “The Loop” has Chaz’s classic Acid Jazz infused with indie rock sound. It has a downtempo pace so makes for great background music if you’re studying or cooking.

Driving South – Goth Babe & Blood Cultures
Tennessee native & current Washington resident, Goth Babe, is back with another incredible track as he continues his rapid rise to stardom. With his indie vibes, smooth voice, and use of feel-good synth sounds, Goth Babe crafts tracks that are perfect for a summer in the sunshine. On this track, he teams up with producer Blood Cultures for a song that is definitely worth a listen.

Gotta Let You Go – Matroda
Coming in hot is another high-energy and upbeat house track by Matroda, “Gotta Let You Go.” This one is dancy and fun, with a super catchy vocal. Pump this on your next workout or at a dance party with friends!

King – Florence & The Machine
Iconic indie-rock band, Florence & The Machine, led by Florence Welch, is back with their first song in two years. On their new song, “King,” we get the classic F + TM sound with Florence’s powerful vocalizations and the rock feel that we love from the band. Florence belts about how she is truly a king, and I think we can all agree.

Goodies – Kevin McKay
Kevin McKay knows how to put together a serious dance tune ranging from a funkier style of house to tech house. “Goodies” takes the original by Ciara and makes it ready for the club!

Work Your Body – Volkoder & Yolanda Be Cool
If you’ve been keeping tabs on the dance music scene recently then you’ve been seeing all of the house remixes of classic tunes, some great and some more generic. “Work Your Body” samples another Ciara song “1, 2 Step” with some darker tech house feels.

Stay Out All Night (Carl Cox Remix) – Radio Slave
Techno legend Carl Cox is here with a remix of Radio Slave’s “Stay Out All Night.” This one follows suit with many of Carl Cox’s sounds, hitting hard and making you want to move.

Album Black Radio III – Robert Glasper
This is one of the most anticipated jazz and soul album for 2022 yet, and it absolutely lived up to the excitement. This powerhouse of an LP features some major musical legends like Q-Tip, Common, H.E.R., Jennifer Hudson, and many more. Some of our favorite tracks from the album are “Why We Speak,” “Over,” & “Black Superhero.”

Album Nobody’s Home – Bakar
British singer-songwriter, Bakar, has been on a meteoric rise over the last few years as he’s released a slew of uplifting but real songs to keep us happy. We have finally received his second full-length album Nobody’s Home, and it is absolutely wonderful. Some of our favorite tracks from it are “Free,” “The Mission,” & “Runaway.”

And some more tracks that stood out this week:

For the full IP’s NMF playlist including many additional songs not featured above, check the playlist below:

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