Zhudio54 (J. Worra Remix) – Zhu

Big time producer and DJ, Zhu, released the original “Zhudio54” as an early-released single from his latest album that dropped on the last day of 2021.

The original is an awesome tune, with a subdued clubby vibe and a sassy vocal bringing in some of the vibes we’ve all heard about from the legendary Studio 54. Tech house producer J. Worra took the original and suped it up with a juicy tech house vibe, adding a pumping beat and extra synths while maintaining much of the original vibe.

If you enjoyed this one we’d suggest checking out tunes from both artists because although they have different sounds, both are top notch.

Where to Listen: Dance Party, Working Out, Hanging with Friends

Vibe: Clubby, Sassy, Fun

Genre: Tech House

Make sure to check out “In the Morning” by Zhu, & “Now Ya Know” by J. Worra, below.

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