L.O.V.E. – Blue Hawaii

Starting their musical journey in Montreal, indie electronic funk duo, Blue Hawaii, have continued to release awesome tracks over the last decade.

Their newest song, “L.O.V.E.,” is a funky and chill track that will make you feel good inside. The beat, bass line, and vocals are reminiscent of classic funk tracks, and the additional sounds add some more depth to the song. This track sounds like it could of been made in the 90s and not earlier this month.

The vibes on this track are immaculate and we can’t wait to listen to more of Blue Hawaii as they continue to release awesome new songs.

Where to Listen: At the Beach, In the Car, On a Walk

Vibe: Confident, Sensual, Fun

Genre: Funk Electronic

If you enjoyed that track, check out some of our other favorites from Blue Hawaii like “No One Like You,” & “Try To Be,” below.

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