So Fine (Franc Moody Remix) – Pat Lok & Party Pupils

London duo Franc Moody’s remix of “So Fine” is as catchy as it is sexy.

From the start of the song, you will already be singing along to the simple yet fun lyrics of this track. This is the type of song to bring couples together or create new ones on the dance floor with its seductive nature.

This song is undoubtedly a club banger but one can also say it’s a car banger, shower banger and of course bedroom banger. This version is a little more funky and lively than the original version but maybe a little less soulful. We suggest you check out both and see which version you prefer.

Where to Listen:  At a Party, At Home, Car Ride

Vibe: Sensual, Fun, Euphoric 

Genre: Nu Disco

If you enjoyed that remix, check out some of our other favorites from Franc Moody like “Dream in Colour,” & “In Too Deep,” below.

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