Straight Up Relaxin’ – Yung Bae (ft. Cosmo’s Midnight)

The Yungest of Baes, Yung Bae, continues to make funky, colorful disco tunes with a sound that is uniquely identifiable.

On his newest track, “Straight Up Relaxin’,” Yung Bae teams up with Australian twin duo, Cosmo’s Midnight, for a groovy track that harkens back to summertime living. With a bouncing bassline and Cosmo’s laid-back vocals, this song is perfect for a bike ride or walk.

Let this song soothe your soul as we move into the colder months of the year. Lay back and start Straight Up Relaxin’!

Where to Listen: At the Beach, Bike Ride, In the Car

Vibe: Happy, Funky, Laid Back

Genre: Disco Electronic

If you enjoyed that track, check out some of our other favorites from Yung Bae, “Welcome to the Disco,” & “Selfish High Heels,” below.

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