december – Keli Holiday

The blossoming side project from Adam Hyde known as Keli Holiday continues to shine as the solo artist releases song after song of outstanding music.

As one half of massive Australian electronic duo, Peking Duk, Keli Holiday veers away from electronic music and moves closer to heavy indie rock while still incorporating some electronic sounds and synths. His new single, “december,” is a fun, emotional rock track that includes some heavy synths, rock guitar, and Keli’s awesome vocalizations.

Keli Holiday is sure to blow up over the next year and we are absolutely stoked to see where he goes with his music. Definitely check out more of him below and keep an eye out for more music in the future.

Where to Listen: Bike Ride, Road Trip, On a Walk

Vibe: Fun, Groovy, Nostalgic

Genre: Electronic Indie Rock

If you enjoyed that track, check out some of our favorites from Keli, “Where You Feel,” & “We Don’t Have To Know,” below.

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