Don’t Stop – Purple Disco Machine

Not only one of our biggest inspirations, but one of the most successful Dj/Producers on the globe, Purple Disco Machine, has gifted the world with more of his signature blend of Disco and House in his new album, Exotica

One of our favorite tracks, “Don’t Stop,” has a classic PDM feel, with a warm and funky baseline and a vocal that just never gets old. If this one was for you or if you are not familiar with Purple Disco Machine then we highly suggest checking out his collection of legendary dance tunes as they of our many of our all-time favorites!

Where to Listen: Dance Party, Hanging with Friends, By the Pool/Beach

Vibe: Funky, Playful, Fun

Genre: Disco House

If you’re somewhat new to PDM, we recommend checking out a couple of our favorites, “In My Arms,” & his remix of Milk & Sugar’s cover “Let the Sun Shine,” below.

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