mind your business – Zack Fox

Zack Fox has released arguably the best rap album of this year in his new project shut the fuck up talking to me.

After his single “fafo” (featured below) blasted off a few weeks ago, we knew the full album was going to be a great one. Zack Fox is as talented a rapper and lyricist as he is funny. With some 90s feeling beats, and help from friends like Kenny Beats & Sushiboy Mexico, Zack puts together an amazing 9 track album.

One of our favorites from the album is “mind your business,” which has a nostalgic hip hop beat with Zack’s classic vocals. This song is perfect for a drive in the car or getting ready for a night out. Nothing like a good “Jerry Rice” reference too.

Where to Listen: In the Car, Dancing with Friends, Pregaming

Vibe: Confident, Wavy, Fun

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

If you enjoyed that track, we recommedn listening to the full album. Some of our other favorite tracks from the album “fafo,” & “shut the fuck up talkng to me,” are featured below.

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