Party Woman (Crazy P Remix) – Bamily

British electronic group Crazy P has made some of our favorite dance tunes to date and have been putting out dance hits since the late 90’s with many smash hits under their belt. Bringing together elements of soul, funk, and house, these guys have had the recipe for some solid grooves for some time now.

Their remix of “Party Woman” is their latest release from earlier in 2021, and it has all of the funky grooves and chill disco vibes that we love from the group. Not only does this one highlight their feel-good style of disco house but, like many of their releases, it just makes you want to dance! 

Where to Listen: Dance Party, By the Pool/Beach, On a Bike Ride

Vibe: Groovy, Feel-good, Carefree

Genre: Disco House

If you enjoyed this one, check out a few of our favorites, “One True Light,” & “Witch Doctor,” below.

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