Under The Sun – Cuco

Los Angeles native, Cuco, has made a name for himself with his musical prowess and incorporation of traditional Mexican sounds.

On his newest song, “Under The Sun,” Cuco crafts a trippy musical journey that includes vibed out synths, rocking guitars, and awesome floating vocals. When the latin beat drops in half way through, it gives this song an extra layer of character that tickles the ears.

Cuco is quite the musical wizard creating beautiful sweeping songs that remind us of classic psychedelic rock groups but with his own truly unique sound. Check out the video for “Under The Sun,” and keep an eye on this growing star!

Where to Listen: Bike Ride, In the Car, At the Beach

Vibe: Trippy, Fun, Wavy

Genre: Latin Psychedelic

If you enjoyed that song, check out some of our other favorites from Cuco like “Lover Is a Day,” & “Forevermore,” below.

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