Observer Effect – Disclosure

Disclosure just so happens to be one of Infinite Purples favorite DJ’s/producers. Their sound is like no other and we’re continuously amazed by their range of genre blending within dance music.

This track starts off like many house music songs, with a banging kick drum that leads into a groovy bass line, what more can you ask for? In the case of “Observer Effect,” the bass goes in and out of sounding like helicopter to farts, into sounds we’ve never heard before, and that’s Disclosure for you.

If you ever have the chance to see Disclosure we highly suggest you go. With their creativity and mixing skills, they make every show a once and lifetime experience.

Where to Listen: Bike Ride, In the Car, On a Walk

Vibe: Fun, Euphoric, Bouncy 

Genre: House

If you want some more recent Disclosure, check out “In My Arms” & “Seduction,” from their most recent album Never Enough, below.

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