giveX – nightswimX

Anonymous house duo, nightswimX, has released their first original song, “giveX,” after two awesome cover releases over the past couple months.

The “thrill house” duo has a really unique and high-quality sound that shows these two already have years of experience on their side. On their new track, the pumping beat and bass line pair up with the summer-y synths to seamlessly back up the impeccable vocals of the unknown vocalist. nightswimX’s music feels like a new genre somewhere between house, pop, and horror music, and we cannot wait to see where they take it next.

Although we don’t know a ton about this pair yet, we are excited to hear more of what’s to come from this budding house project!

Where to Listen: Late Night, At the Beach, Dance Party

Vibe: Unique, Feel-good, Nostalgic

Genre: House

If you enjoyed this track, check out nightswimX’s other recent release’s, “Day ‘N’ Nite,” & “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” where they give their spin on a classic track below.

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