Open The Door To Your Heart – Kevin McKay, Flows, & Betty Wright

Kevin McKay has been featured on the blog a couple of times and we are always drawn to his releases because of their high-energy house feels and his inclusion of elements of funk and soul, while elevating older classics!

In his collaboration with Flows and Betty Wright, he put out one hell of a dance tune, with a beat that forces you to dance and a summery guitar riff and vocal. This one is exactly what we like to hear from one of our favorites, and if this one was for you then we highly recommend checking out more of his tunes!

Where to Listen: Working Out, Dance Party, By the Beach/Pool

Vibe: Vibrant, Upbeat, Summery

Genre: Dance House

If you enjoyed that track, check out some of our other favorites from Kevin, “Let Me Work On You” & “Miss You,” below.

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