Ron Burgundy – Louis Futon

Electronic artist/producer, Louis Futon, has established himself over the years as an incredibly talented performer and musician.

On his newest track, “Ron Burgundy,” Louis Futon weaves a fun and funky track that was named due to the similar feel of the flutes from the classic Will Ferrell movie Anchorman. This upbeat song will definitely get you in a happier mood.

“Ron Burgundy” is the perfect vibe for a morning walk or drive. Check it out and make you’re day a little bit brighter!

Where to Listen: On a Walk, In the Morning, At the Beach

Vibe: Cheerful, Fun, Light

Genre: Funk Dance

If you enjoyed that track, check out some of our other favorite from Louis Futon, “Silk Jam” & “Surreal” from his 2019 album Way Back When, below.

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