Perfect – Bowtye & Insightful

Singer/musician, Bowtye, and the incredible producer/human being Insightful have teamed up for an EP which blends their musical skills together seamlessly.

Our favorite track from the 5-song EP, “Perfect,” is a funky, feel-good track that incorporates dreamy, reverbed out synths, amazing vocals, and production that could stand up to the best. This song blends funk, R&B, and electronic music to make something really unique.

The new EP, Clearly Confused, is a really amazing piece of art and we definitely recommend giving it a full listen through!

Where to Listen: In the Car, At the Beach, On a Walk

Vibe: Groovy, Laid Back, Dreamy

Genre: Funk R&B

If you liked that track, check out the rest of the Clearly Confused EP below.

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