Bilboquet (Sirba) – Polo & Pan

In terms of inventiveness and individuality, French duo Polo & Pan take home the gold. These guys have been one of our all time favorite artists since the beginning of Infinite Purple and we have a feeling that their playful electronic sounds will be some of our favorites for a long time to come.

Though these legends produce feels of electronic music ranging from upbeat house to more hypnotic and downtempo lullabies, “Bilboquet” is a more chill example of their sound while being as memorable and catchy as they come. It starts with a repeating flute riff that continues throughout while moving in and out of some fun and trippy breaks that take you down the yellow brick road!

Whether this one was for you or not, we highly recommend putting P&P on shuffle for your next beach/pool day or kick back with friends!

Where to Listen: By the Beach/Pool, Making Dinner, Relaxing with Friends

Vibe: Playful, Benevolent, Hypnotic

Genre: Worldly Electronic

If you enjoyed this track, definitely make sure to check out the rest of their newest album, Cyclorama, below.

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