Comingback – Parcels

5-person funk rock band Parcels is back with another single from their newest project which also gave us the awesome single “Free,” a few weeks ago.

Parcels, whose members originate from Byron Bay and Berlin, have an incredible skill of creating funky, unique instrumentation that feels like jazz, but still gets caught in your head like a pop song. On the new single, “Comingback,” Parcels continue to put their talent on display with beautiful textures and sounds that make you feel at home.

We’re super excited to continue watching Parcels growth and cannot wait for the rest of this already amazing project!

Where to Listen: On a Walk, Relaxing at Home, In the Car

Vibe: Happy, Fun, Inspiring

Genre: Funk Rock

If you enjoyed “Comingback,” make sure to check out some of our other favs from Parcels, the recent “Free,” & “Gamesofluck,” below.

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