IP’s New Music Friday – July 23rd, 2021

Welcome to a wonderful week of Infinite Purple’s New Music Friday recap where we listen through this week’s released tracks to bring you the songs that stand out!

Read all the way through or make your way to the bottom for the full Spotify playlist of our Friday discoveries.

Liquor Store – Remi Wolf
Every time we hear a new song from singer/songwriter, Remi Wolf, we get more and more confident that she will be playing main stages at some point. Her jazzy, hip hop vocals makes Remi stand out for other artists of this time. With some fantastic production and instrumentation, “Liquor Store,” is a gem of a song that’s perfect for the car or a bike ride.

Coloratura – Coldplay
Legendary modern indie rock band, Coldplay, has delivered a 10 minute musical journey that has all the fixings of an amazing Coldplay song. The piano, guitar, and vocals in this song harken back to the time of Pink Floyd and others. It’s insane that Coldplay can continue to put out masterful music like this every time they release.

Mesmerised – LEISURE
LEISURE continuously prove to us why they are one of our favorite up-and-coming bands. On their newest track, “Mesmerised,” the indie rock band create a laid back vibe that will relax you and pull you into the world of LEISURE. We’ll take as much LEISURE as possible.

Overdrive – Kraak & Smaak (ft. Tim Ayre)
Dutch music production trio, Kraak & Smaak, has been putting out funky dance and indie pop tracks since the early 2000s and they continue to hone in on their songwriting skills. “Overdrive,” is an absolute joy of a track with its vocal harmonies, house drums, and spacey synths.

Menergy (Purple Disco Machine Remix) – Patrick Cowley
Anytime a Purple Disco Machine remix is released it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a dance hit. On this track, PDM puts his spin on 80s legend, Patrick Cowley’s “Menergy.” He adds his disco dance party feel to the song to make it the perfect dance floor hit.

I Like That – Bazzi
Pop singer, Bazzi, seems to be constantly building his musical depth as he releases new songs. On “I Like That,” Bazzi sings over a laid back, happy beat. This song will give you a nice boost on a slow morning.

Won’t Leave Your Side – Nora En Pure (ft. Liz Cass)
Mama is back in the building and this week it’s with a beautifully melodic and deep house tune featuring the absolutely stunning voice of Liz Cass. This one has an upbeat summer vibe with a clean beat and some really fun synths. Give this one a listen on a bike ride od watching the sunset!

La Pasion – Matroda & San Pacho
Big time house artists Matroda and San Pacho came together for “La Pasion,” a super fun tech house track with some killer after hours Latin vibes. With a super catchy and repetitive vocal, Spanish guitar breaks, and some outright nasty drops this one is destined to rock any dance floor it touches!

Work That Body – Deeper Purpose & Roxe
There’s no way around it, these dudes just know how to whip up a banger. “Work That Body” is a super fun and wild tech house track, perfect for a workout or dance party!

Do You Remember (VIP Edit) – Dombresky (ft. Camden Cox)
King of big and celebratory house tracks, Dombresky is back with another festive banger! Released with an original version, the VIP edit carries more of a clubby feel with more emphasis on the bass line and drums.

Album Gold-Diggers Sound – Leon Bridges
The incredible R&B singer/songwriter, Leon Bridges, is back with his third studio album, Gold-Diggers Sound. As major fans of the crooning artist, we were extremely excited to hear the maturity and growth that Leon has made over the years going from singing in bars to headlining festivals. Some of our favorite tracks from the album are “Steam,” “Sweeter (ft. Terrace Martin),” & “Born Again (ft. Robert Glasper).”

Album Rainbow Brain – GRiZ
Colorado-based produer/DJ, GRiZ, has released his newest album Rainbow Brain. This album mixes some heavy dubstep and trap sounds with hip hop, dance, and much more to make it a very unique feel. Some of our favorite tracks from it are “Burn Up The Floor (ft. Jantsen),” “Rainbow Brain (ft. ProbCause & Chrishira Perrier),” & “Daily Routine (ft. Big Gigantic & ProbCause).”

Album Hope For Sale – Chiiild
The singer/songwriter, Chiiild, has been slowly pulling our attention for a long time now releasing songs that stick in your head and create the perfect vibes. On his follow up album to his 2020 Synthetic Sale, Chiiild puts his abilities on full display creating some amazing tracks. Some of our favorites are “Weightless,” “Awake (ft. Mahalia),” & “Gone.”

EP Bringing The Old School Back EP – Felipe Gordon
If you’re starting to feel like Felipe Gordon is on nearly all of our NMF posts, you’re not alone. This guy has carved out his own corner of the house music scene, with a lounge-feel of chill house that is truly unmatched. While this EP definitely follows in the footsteps of Gordon’s typical chill and vibey style of house, it also branches out a bit with some really fun funky and classical feels!

Remixes Drinkee Remixes – Sofi Tukker
Although “Drinkee” came out a while ago, we have been hearing the remixes for it over and over at live performances. The remixes of Sofi Tukker’s first major hit by Vintage Culture & John Summit, and Carl Cox, are amazing takes on the popular song and add some amazing vibes. We’ve been in love with the Vintage Culture/John Summit remix so we are extremely excited to be able to listen to it now whenever we want.

And some more tracks that stood out this week:

For the full IP’s NMF playlist including many additional songs not featured above, check the playlist below:

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