After happily seeing them perform the same songs for the past couple years, we were absolutely stoked to receive the first new single from electronic trio RÜFÜS DU SOL since their 2018 album SOLACE.

On the new track, “Alive,” we hear the trio’s signature sounds and unique abilities to craft the perfect feeling synths. The vocals and use of the sped up beat gives it an added depth. The song as a whole is wonderful and will be great to hear live.

With their tour starting in August of this year, there’s hope that another album may be on the way!

Where to Listen: Late at Night, Running, Bike Ride

Vibe: Emotional, Epic, Chasing

Genre: Electronic

As they’ve become so huge over the last years, most people know their songs, but if you haven’t heard RÜFÜS’s Joshua Tree live album from 2020, we recommend checking it out below.

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