The Idea of You – Grady & lovelytheband

4-piece band, Grady, teams up with 3-piece, lovelytheband, to put out a fun indie rock jam on their new track “The Idea of You.”

With so many singers at their disposal, the vocal harmonies in this song sound wonderful, and the track has a nice bouncy vibe. The simple beat and fun bass line give this song an extra jolt of feel.

Let this track soak in on your next walk or bike ride!

Where to Listen: On a Bike Ride, At the Beach, On a Walk

Vibe: Fun, Nostalgic, Emotional

Genre: Indie Rock/Pop

If you liked that track, check out our other favorite tracks from the two bands, “500 Days of Summer” by Grady, & “love somebody else” by lovelytheband, below.

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