On My Mind / About U – Roosevelt

We’ve been listening to Polydans over and over so we couldn’t have been more excited to receive two new singles from Roosevelt so soon.

The two-track release further reveals how incredible of an artist Roosevelt is. The first track, “On My Mind,” is a trippy, emotional track with some nice synths and Roosevelt’s signature vocal stylings. The second track, “About U,” is an upbeat dance track that would be perfect for a sunset dance party.

Roosevelt continues to prove himself as a major player in the electronic world. We look forward to getting more music from him soon, and if you get the chance go check him out live on his upcoming tour.

Where to Listen: Sunset, Bike Ride, At the Beach

Vibe: Nostalgic, Emotional, Euphoric

Genre: Indie Electronic

If you liked these tracks and haven’t checked out his album from earlier this year, definitely give it a listen. Here’s a couple of our favorites “Sign” & “Strangers,” below.

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