Away – Felipe Gordon

If you’ve been following the blog then there’s a good chance you know and love the sound of Colombian Dj/producer Felipe Gordon’s smooth loungey house.

“Away,” from Gordon’s latest album A Landscape Onomatopeya, is in fashion with many of his other releases; long and smooth house grooves, muted chill synths, and fun vibes fit for any setting.

This track, as well as many of his other releases, makes you feel really chilled out but the beat continues to grow and develop throughout the song, making it stimulating enough for getting work done or relaxing enough for a sunset. 

Where to Listen: On a Drive, Chilling by the Pool, Making Dinner

Vibe: Chill, Smooth, Groovy

Genre: Lounge House

If “Away” was for you, check out the entire album below and you will not be disappointed!

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