Cadillac Dreams – Peter Fenn

LA-based artist, producer, and singer Peter Fenn has been putting out raw, emotional, and feel-good music over the last 5 or so years.

His newest work, Cadillac Dreams EP, is an awesome showing of Peter’s ability to craft well written, original songs that will make you feel a type of way. The lead single of the EP, titled “Cadillac Dreams,” is an emotional song about questioning one’s choices and path in life. The sentiment and feel to this song will relate to anyone as they go through life hoping for the best.

Peter Fenn is a wonderful artist & person, and we can’t wait to hear more from the rising artist over the next few years. Don’t forget to check out the music video for “Cadillac Dreams,” and the rest of his new, 4-track EP!

Where to Listen: On a Walk, In the Morning, Thinking to Yourself

Vibe: Introspective, Nostalgic, Genuine

Genre: Indie Rock/Pop

If you enjoyed that, check out some of Peter’s other awesome songs like “Arizona Summer” & “Far Away” below.

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