Wait, I Lied – Alfie Templeman

British singer/songwriter, Alfie Templeman, has an awesome new age rock sound that will definitely get you moving and thinking at the same time.

His newest album, Forever Isn’t Long Enough, just arrived and it is full of wonderful funky rock tracks that are bound to get stuck in your head. Our favorite from the new album is titled “Wait, I Lied,” and features a really funked out bass line plus some spacey guitar chords.

Alfie has a fun voice that fits perfectly with the music he makes. Check this song out and give the whole album a listen through for even more great music.

Where to Listen: On a Bike Ride, In the Car, Running

Vibe: Groovy, Cool, Confident

Genre: Funk Rock

Check out some of our other favorites from Alfie below including “Things I Thought Were Mine” & “Stop Thinking (About Me).”

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