Lights Up – Flight Facilities (ft. Channel Tres)

We knew this track was going to be good by the sheer fact of who is featured on it. Channel Tres has been an IP favorite since the very start, so we mix, play, talk, and write about his music any chance we get.

Flight Facilities is a popular Australian duo that blends electronic and indie/alternative music. Their new song, “Lights Up,” has the classic funky and cool Channel Tres vibe, but with an added element of disco synths and sound distortions that make this the ultimate crowd and ear pleaser.

We love unique and exciting collabs like this and look forward to more!

Where to Listen: Working Out, At a Party, At the Beach 

Vibe: Cool, Euphoric, Fresh 

Genre: Funky Disco House 

If you enjoyed this track, check out some of our other favorites from Flight Facilities below like “Crave You,” & “Need You.”

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