Hot Summer – Bellaire (ft. Venessa Jackson)

Parisian Dj and producer, Bellaire, has quickly become one of our favorite house artists to date not only because he arranges solid grooves overall, but also because of his unique ability to incorporate various genres, styles and feels into his dance music.

In “Hot Summer” Bellaire comes together with South African vocalist and songwriter Vanessa Jackson to create one of the most joyous and celebratory summertime anthems we’ve heard this year.

With a crispy house beat, a super fun vocal, high-energy trumpets and even a couple flute solos in the mix, this one is definitely going to keep you dancing all summer long!

Where to Listen: On a Run, At the Beach/Pool, Dance Party

Vibe: Celebratory, Fun, Upbeat

Genre: Worldly House

If you like Bellaire’s unique sound, check out some of his classics including “Paris City Jazz” & “Street Blues” below!

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