Let the Sun Shine (Purple Disco Machine Remix) – Milk & Sugar

It doesn’t get much better than having 3 legendary German House DJ’s in one track. The already incredible song/cover of “Let the Sun Shine” by Milk & Sugar got a fresh, new 2021 disco twist by our favorite DJ/Producer “Purple Disco Machine.”

The remix immediately starts off with PDM’s famous cow bells and leads into a groovy bass line with original keys and the famous gospel choir vocals. This blissful song is bound to put a smile, tear, or both on your face.

Where to Listen: At the beach, Dancing with Friends, In the Car

Vibe: Groovy, Fun, Nostalgic 

Genre: Gospel Disco House

Check out some of our other favorites from Milk & Sugar below including “Summertime” & “Hey (Nah Nah Nah).”

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